Featured New Tractors


It is no secret that the past year or so has been incredibly hard to get hold of any stock machines, over the past couple of weeks we have had lorry loads of Tractors turned up, multiple shapes and sizes.

You may have never sat in one but we have multiple Demonstrator machines available for you to try, just call in and our Valtra Specialist dan can give you an in-depth talk about the internal side on such machine!

Why Valtra? yes they may not have the known name as such of yet, but they are a farmers friend. we call it the ‘Bespoke’ tractor, because you can really spec them to however you want, as manual as you want or as high tech!! with various specs you can hold onto the old simpler times as much as you like or again jump straight into the future.

From 95HP to 300HP+ Valtra can suit all needs, from scraping around passage ways to putting seeds in the ground. Ring your closest depot for more information or pop in and come see us!!

Merry Christmas,